Delivering Continuing Education for CRNAs

overview of our CRNA CPC Delivery Platform:

Secure, Cloud-based Learning Management Platforms Designed to Address National Governance of the NBCRNA and AANA to Deliver Continuing Education for the CRNA CPC Program

About us

Our mission is to provide Healthcare organizations and state associations with a tailored solution that delivers continuing education for national certifications and state licensure. Our learning management platforms deliver all CRNA CPC components to maintain national compliance, while driving non-dues revenue and increasing member satisfaction.

KnowledgeShare United was the First Company to be Recognized as a Technology Vendor by the NBCRNA

We provide

Easily-administered learning management platforms that deliver, maintain, and report continuing education for CRNAs. Our mobile-responsive platforms are robust, flexible, and very intuitive – scalable to support small or large organizations.

Platform Features Include:

  • Dynamic microlearning
  • Program assessments and evaluation surveys
  • Detailed user tracking and reporting
  • Online transaction processing
  • NBCRNA and AANA reporting of Class A and Core Module completion

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